List of Academic Partners

Working hand in hand with the I-CARES Team, partnerships are established with local and multinational organizations through STI’s Academic Partnership Program.

Our partnerships are with the following companies:
Asia Pacific Maritime Services, Inc.

Asia Pacific Maritime Services, Inc. is a pioneer in the maritime training industry providing training services since 1983 to the seafaring personnel. Courses offered are accredited and/or recognized by MTC, Flag states, and PRC.

AST Crewing Consultancy Inc.

As if we are our customer's in-house products, we work as one. Providers of corporate backroom operations, processes and logistics. Business email response. Specialization in Crewing. High-end work. Attention to detail. Cost saving.

ATLAS Fertilizer Corporation (AFCI)

ATLAS Fertilizer Corporation (AFCI) is the leading manufacturer of crop - specific and soil specific fertilizer company. AFC started its operations at Toledo, Cebu using hi-grade fertilizer components and state of the art technologies.

Atmel -TSPIC Corporation

TSPIC Corporation is a Philippine subsidiary of ATMEL – RF and Automotive, with corporate headquarters located in San Jose, California. ATMEL designs, manufactures and markets on a worldwide basis technically advanced Integrated Circuits (IC).


ATOMIT Business Solutions is a technology founded corporation focused on information technology solutions and integrations across any platforms; whether it is an enterprise system setup, configuration and customization, or integration between legacy

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